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About us

The Science and Mathematics Council (SMC) is an event management CCA that can be traced back to the ACSian Science Society in 1954, to Students’ Science Council in 1974. Generations continue built on the SMC’s legacy with organising international-scale science and social enrichment events to participating in prestigious science competitions.

SMC'21 and SMC'22
SMC'21 and SMC'22 CCA Photo

SMC provides students with many opportunities to learn many important skills necessary for joining the workforce such as formatting, planning and developing soft skills while having fun. Students get to plan 2 to 3 major events every year, with the number of participants ranging from hundreds to thousands. Furthermore, many free workshops and learning journeys are conducted for SMC members throughout the year.

SMC'19 Members in Honours Day 2019
SMC'19 members recognised for their remarkable achievements in Honours Day 2019
SMC Leaders 2019
SMC'17 members recognised for their remarkable achievements in Honours Day 2017

For the 11th International Biomedical Quiz 2022, we executed an online quiz within the span of 2 weeks based on the knowlegde of the ‘Oncology’. Our Guest of Honour was Assoc Professor Ong Biauw Chi, the Clinical Assoc Prof. at NUS YLLSoM and Duke-NUS Medical School. At the 10th International Biomedical Quiz 2021, we witnessed 1550 secondary and pre-university students fervently competing with their knowledge of the ‘Infectious Diseases’. The Guest of Honour was Dr Daphne Khoo, Deputy Director of Medical Services, Healthcare Performance Group, Ministry of Health, an ACJC alumnus.

IBQ 2022
11th International Biomedical Quiz 2022

We also had the honour to hold the longest-running quiz in Singapore, the 43rd International C. B. Paul Science Quiz 2022, which inaugurated in 1979, for 800 aspiring secondary school science talents. The Guest of Honour was Prof. Lim Siong Guan, professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy NUS.

ICBP 2022
ICBP 2022
41st International C. B. Paul Science Quiz 2019

As part of promoting an inclusive community, we organised the 11th Heyday 2022, a social enrichment programme for ~150 primary school students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It was joyful and enriching for the participants, and a humbling experience for us organisers who have gained new perspectives about people with special needs.

Heyday 2022
11th Heyday 2022

In 2022, we had a learning journey to the Senses International for a perfume making session. We had the chance to experiment with different scents and formulate our own unique perfumes and candles. Visiting the Science Centre, we participated in an in-depth 3D Modelling workshop. In addition, our instructors also guided us through the 2D Stack Art workshop using LibreCAD. As a CCA, these learning journeys gave us exposure to the different applications of science and mathematics in the real world.